What We Do

GLXi™ was created to assist NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) in deploying technology-based solutions for educating children in developing countries. NGOs often have projects in developing countries that provide for basic needs – food, shelter, and clothing – but can be over-extended when attempting to utilize technology for education projects.

The GLXi™ solution is best thought of as “wiki education” – mapping those in need of educational content to those with the ability to create it. GLXi™ is an infrastructure and tool set which enables the free flow of educational content; an infrastructure that connects students and teachers in developing countries with people who are willing and able to provide educational content.

GLXi™ is focused on two primary areas of educational content:

  • Reading – virtual lending libraries on eReaders.
  • Classroom content – rich content to enhance the existing curriculum in various subjects including reading, math, world history, etc.

How GLXi™ works:

The goal of GLXi™is to provide infrastructure and tools which allow the free flow of educational content from volunteers in developed countries to students in developing countries.

GLXi™ works through NGOs that have capabilities and associations with schools in developing countries. These NGOs are often part of larger organizations associated with universities and high schools in the U.S. GLXi™ maintains a web site and software tools which enable volunteers to create original educational content and post it for use by participating schools in developing countries. GLXi™ is a scalable technology-based solution that will keep pace with technological evolution– faster, better, cheaper.

GLXi™ will specify the hardware kit (eReaders, tablet PC, etc.) necessary for participating schools to view the content. The NGOs working with the schools in the developing countries must provide resources “on the ground” to deploy the hardware and train the local staff on use and maintenance. GLXi™ will provide the training material and deployment guides.

The NGOs will also secure the funding to purchase hardware or obtain donated hardware. GLXi™ will provide an online “crowd funding” capability to aid the NGO in obtaining the funding.