Our Team

Camlin Fuentes, In-Country Program Coordinator

Camlin is an Acting Professor, School of Social Work at San Carlos University in Guatemala City. She is responsible for managing current schools and sourcing new teachers. Camlin is passionate about education and is very excited to be a part of GLXi.

Jose Bonilla, Controller and Assessment Coordinator

Jose Jose is an Associate Professor and Olympic Math Coach at San Carlos University in Guatemala City. He works directly with the schools and communities where we teach. “We can’t wait for other countries to help us. We need to be the most important part of the solution. We only need a little help to mobilize and we are getting that push from GLXi. This is a partnership.”

Oscar Bonilla, Regional Coordinator

Oscar “These kids are like learning machines! I was amazed at how well they learned all the vocabulary words.”

Karla Pena, Regional Coordinator

Karla Pena “The children who used to go swimming in the afternoon, told their parents they wanted to go to reading instead! The parents are very supportive and are now even learning from their kids.”