At Global Learning Exchange Initiative (GLXi,) we believe that people around the world are born capable and uniquely talented. We also believe that the missing ingredient in those who won’t succeed and those who will, is opportunity. Given opportunity, children can learn. And succeed. And thrive. Everyone deserves this opportunity, regardless of where they are born; and it starts with education.Bill Gates, who is leading the charge towards global literacy, said, “Educated and healthy children will lead their communities out of poverty and build the thriving nations of tomorrow.” Literacy is as vital as food, security, health, limiting population growth and controlling the environment because education is the one issue that affects everything else. Thus, there are humanitarian, social, political, as well as economic reasons to promote global education. When you look into the eyes of one of our beautiful, bright students, you can’t help but think, “Why me? How was I fortunate enough to be born in a country full of hope and prosperity and opportunity? What if I wasn’t?” Without education, we would not be in the positions we are today. Shouldn’t we put some of that good fortune to work by providing a similar opportunity for children in resource-starved parts of the world? Our world is borderless. We can’t quarantine ourselves from problems in other countries and we know that education has a huge positive impact on immigration and the global economy. Children who are educated today become tomorrow’s middle class. All of the higher-value products and services made in developed economies will be irrelevant if there isn’t a market to buy them. The urgency is real. The time is now. We mean it when we talk about turning the tide for this generation. 40% of Guatemala’s population is under age 15. Profound change can happen sooner than many realize. Any investment will pay for itself in accelerated worldwide economic growth, higher tax base for governments, and revenues to be re-invested in education. We are further propelled by the local support for change on the ground in Guatemala. Our partnerships with schools, local officials, teachers, other NGOs, and concerned individuals are unique, exciting and motivating. Guatemalans believe that a literate population can make a significant difference in their country and the lives of their people. They want this change to happen and they are willing to work for it. We are, too.