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It Starts with Believing

At Global Learning Exchange Initiative (GLXi,) we believe that people around the world are born capable and uniquely talented. We also believe that the missing ingredient in those who won’t succeed and those who will, is opportunity. Given opportunity, children can learn. And succeed. And thrive. Everyone deserves this opportunity, regardless of where they are born; and it starts with education.

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To Guatemala With Love

Dave Barford, formerly of Wildhorse, founded Global Learning Exchange Initiative to provide young Guatemalan children with an educational program that would lift them out of poverty and increase their chances for a better life. Over the years, he had fallen in love with the people he met while on volunteer visits to the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala…

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Dr. Linda Henke Joins GLXi

Linda Henke has joined GLXi – Global Learning Exchange – as the Director of Educational Strategies and Curriculum Development.

Linda has a long and very impressive career in the education field, including Superintendent of Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District, and Assistant Superintendent of the Clayton School District.

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GLXi™ launches technology trials in four schools in Guatemala

St. Louis, Missouri- April 7, 2013

GLXi – Global Learning eXchange Initiative – is a new educational non-profit focused on providing technology-based solutions which deliver educational content to children in the developing world. GLXi provides the technology infrastructure and tool set that facilitates the free flow of educational content to developing countries. GLXi has launched its educational platform in four schools in Guatemala utilizing Kindle eReaders and iPad tablet computers.

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  • “Educating girls can transform whole communities.”

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