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Our mission is to empower a new generation of people in developing countries to create sustainable opportunity through literacy and continuing education.

“We start with the premise that these kids are full of possibility and talent, GLXi will help show them opportunity.”

-Linda Henke, Ph.D., Board member

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Literacy is the foundation. Without it, children are not able to learn the advanced skills necessary to stay in school and succeed in life. We are ensuring the mastery of reading and writing in the early grades so the children will use it as a building block for their future.

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Our innovative curriculum is based on researched teaching practices, sophisticated technology and engaging children’s literature. Combined with comprehensive teacher training & development, we are teaching the children to analyze and process information on their own.

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Ultimately, we will empower communities of positive change. Economic growth will result from an educated and analytical workforce. This generation will have the critical skills to create sustainable opportunities for themselves, their families and their country.

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